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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tutorial How to Increase RAM of Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Today I Teach How to increase RAM of Samsung Galaxy Y s5360.
As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 is one of the nice & cheapest phones from Samsung.It consists of some nice features such as 830 MHz ARMv6 processor, 290 MB RAM, Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, & many other things. It’s best in its class & cheap enough too.

So, here we will tell you how to increase RAM of Samsung Galaxy Y s5360. But before starting with the procedure, please read disclaimer other important notes. So, let’s begin with this.

We are not responsible if anything wrong happens in between the process. & just to be sure that this article is only for Samsung Galaxy Y s5360, so don’t try it on any other mobile or try it on your own risk.

To Remember :
1. Your mobile must be at least 70-80% charged.
2. Make sure that you’ve backed up all of the necessary data.(Tutorial How to Fully Backup Android Phones)

Tools needed during procedure:
-MiniTool Partition Wizard or CWM for partitioning your SD card
-Micro SD card (at least 4 GB) and card reader.
-Swapper2 app.
-ADB Terminal or Shell Emulator (to be sure that swap is installed or not)
-Busy box (must be installed)

Before starting let me tell you something about SWAP. Swap is a virtual RAM and is a small chunk of the storage device kept aside and to be used as RAM.

Instructions :
Step 1:
Partition your SD card.
You can partition your memory card using the MiniTool Partition or using the ClockWorkMod.

Using MiniTool Partition:
-Connect SD card to PC using card reader
-Open partition wizard and search for your card
-Just right click on your card and click delete partition and click at apply.
-Now again right click on your card and click create partition, create the no. of partition and click at apply.

Using ClockWorkMod :
-Download and Put CWM.zip file in Root of your Sdcard
-Switch off phone then press Volume up + Power + Home Key Together
-Select "Apply Update from Sdcard"
-Locate and Select CWM.zip
-Open advanced settings and select Debugging.
-Click on partition card and select a partition size.

Download the swapper2 app and install it on your device. After completion of installation open the swapper 2 app and go to Menu -> Settings.

Step 3:
Set the swap path to /SD card/swap.swp if you don’t want to create a mess.

Step 4:
Set a swap size (we would recommend 32 MB) and then set the swapiness (we would recommend 10 MB).

Step 5:
Now click on Safe unmount and then remount.

*Above method was for the kernels which does not support swap partition
*For the kernels that support swap partition
-Check on use swap partition
-Then select swap partition

Step 6:
After you set the preferences, go back and click on “ON ” to start swap. And then reboot your device.

Step 7:
To ensure that you that you have successfully installed Swap, then install and open the ADB Terminal or Shell Emulator.

If the screen shows ‘0’ in swap line then the swap is not being
installed. And if the fields are filled then Swap is installed in your device.So, in this way you can increase the RAM of Samsung Galaxy Y s5360.


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